ESET Endpoint Encryption Server
(Local proxy version)

593MB - Version 2.9.3 - installation package containing ESET Endpoint Encryption Server Installer, PHP, Apache and SQL prerequisites. Recommended for the first ESET Endpoint Encryption installation.

Local Proxy instructions
ESET Endpoint Encryption Server manual
Knowledgebase: How do I set up my ESET Endpoint Encryption Server?
Change log


  • The software has been updated to reflect the rebranding to ESET Endpoint Encryption
  • New feature: OPAL encryption now available on supported systems
  • Improvement: Added maintenance mode during startup if server cannot start correctly
  • Improvement: Added support for restoring from legacy backup
  • Fix: Addressed an issue introduced in v2.10.11 when using Auto FDE and Self Enrolment simultaneously
  • Fix: Fixed Push Install UI not being populated in Multi-Tenant mode
  • Fix: Fixed activation email template usage when server is in Multi-Tenant mode


  • Added multi-tenant mode
  • Added OU filter for active directory import by specific OUs only
  • Added support for overuse licences and licence suspension


  • Added Apache SSL certificates to Enterprise Server backup file
  • Active Directory group filter now supports primaryGroupID not just memberOf
  • Fixed ability to generate recovery ISO for TPM FDE with no authentication
  • Detects broken connection to domain server during AD Sync


  • Added: (UEFI only) New Workstation Policy for caching the FDE login username at pre-boot. For more information see: (
  • Fix: Problem with Active Directory sync error caused by failed database upgrades.
  • Fix: Licence resync issues.
  • Fix: Javascript error when no users were found in an LDAP query.
  • Improvement: Improved Reporting including new Reports.


  • Added Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support (
  • Improvemed SSL support and fix upload of user certificates
  • Improved remote install/uninstall process
  • Fixed downloading reports with UTF-8 filenames


  • Added security group filter to Active Directory Import
  • Added ES Direct support (
  • Modified Active Directory import to support very long Distinguished Name attributes
  • Added timeout to SQL restore process because on some systems it could become stuck restoring


  • Improved some Polish translations based on customer feedback
  • Resolved a possible handle leak with the PHP service interface
  • Resolved a problem with duplicated cookies that could lead to reports generating an error with some versions of Internet Explorer
  • Resolved a problem with some file downloads displaying an erroneous message once the download started


  • Resolved timeout problem running various reports
  • Resolved a few translation errors


  • Added language support
  • Added translations for Polish, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Replaced Alerts with a more comprehensive Events logging system
  • Improved Enterprise Server admin password reset tool
  • Removed PHP extension requirement and reliance on a single PHP version
  • Added support for formatting time in time zone other than in UTC
  • Improvement in database restore code which could sometimes leave the database in an incomplete restored state
  • Added extra checking to some control panel entry fields
  • Proxy server can be provided with user name/password during setup wizard, even if it doesn't prompt for credentials (via a 407 error code)
  • Added config option to specify path to OpenSSL binary file
  • Fixed issue creating backup when organisation name was Unicode
  • Fixed problem creating new login role in control panel
  • Fixed problem uploading custom SSL certificate
  • Fixed an SQL injection privilege escalation attack
  • Minor user interface improvements
  • Updated to latest versions of libCurl and OpenSSL
  • Resolved problem with logout where user still appeared in the active list for a period of time after actual logout


  • Removed several security vulnerabilities and privilage escalation attacks
  • Modified parameters used when creating an SSL certificate to increase security
  • Updated PDF reports to support more UTF-8 characters
  • Updated DLPES.exe installer to mitigate DLL Hijacking attack


  • Fixed possible service crash if using SQL Server 2012 or later
  • Fixed possible service crash when DESlock+ client was sending encryption progress from non-Latin character based O.S.
  • Fixed potential issue running the Enterprise Server setup wizard when using an internet proxy that required authentication
  • Fixed problem where user default email language was not saved correctly and was not used for future emails
  • Added Enterprise Server backup function
  • Improved Enterprise Server setup wizard, and added option of restoring from previously made backup
  • Fixed adoption of FDE workstations
  • Fixed search in the Network Workstations panel
  • Fixed erroneous message when using Active Directory settings panel from Enterprise Server control panel
  • Fixed erroneous message when using Active Directory test function and there were more than 15 results from search


  • Added FDE discrepancy functionality to workstation card.
  • Unknown policy team is now hidden if it is empty.
  • Reordered workstation policies and added indent support to highlight policy dependencies.
  • Migrated registry keys used by Enterprise Server to a new root node.
  • Added ability to migrate/move users from one licence to another, including the ability to replace one licence with another entirely.
  • Added new UX for Active Directory test to improve failure diagnosis.
  • Added new UX for adding licences, with more verbose reporting.
  • Clients reporting version 4.7.50 or later can now have an increased range of FDE login password characters.
  • Max password length on 4.7.50 clients has been increased to 127 characters.
  • Improved server migration process by removing specific hard coded paths to files in the database.
  • Resolved problem connecting to database when MSSQL Native Client 2005 was not installed.
  • Fixed problems with HTTP/SMTP transcripts if the server returned invalid data to the Enterprise Server.
  • Fixed problem with SMTP communications which occasionally could display error Timed out after 0 seconds.
  • Fixed problem adding workstation to the network workstations panel, when it already existed in the organisation.
  • Fixed key transfer out of Enterprise server to other Enterprsie Servers and standalone clients.
  • Fixed overzealous auto update notification still appearing immediately after upgrade.
  • Fixed problem with display of items in Network Scan panel following upgrade from version 2.4.5.
  • Updated recovery ISO.
  • Updated version of libcurl.


  • Fixed problem when sending e-mails from Enterprise Server introduced in change in libcurl in previous version.


  • Fixed problem with password retries being lost when modifying FDE login to use SSO
  • Fixed problem with service crash when managing 4.6.4 clients
  • Fixed missing alerts when processing add fde login
  • Fixed problem issuing encryption key from Enterprise Server where it did not honour Terminator setting
  • Fixed problem in php extension to resolve some problems with php 5.3.29
  • Fixed problem in client language display in MSI client install list
  • Fixed problem with FDE login type check after Start FDE
  • Updated Network panel to allow listing or workstations already in organisation
  • Network panel now allows remote upgrade and remote uninstall operations
  • Changes for certificate generation to use OpenSSL directly
  • Restored tooltip on workstation list
  • Added Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 to recognised OS list
  • Fixed a Javascript exception when workstation reported invalid disk volume information
  • Modified proxy ID in Enterprise Server control panel to make it read only
  • Modified workstation diagnoistic log report
  • Removed Other deployment server setup option when not using 'local proxy' install
  • Updated libCurl to use version built with -winssl


  • Improved email validation to avoid some false detections of invalid email addresses
  • Improved Modify FDE Login interface for SSO logins
  • Improved add licence behaviour when licence already exists
  • Improved encrypted and encrypting workstation reports
  • Fixed problem sending characters encoded as UTF8 (non ASCII) in push install dialog
  • Fixed rename of licensed user
  • Fixed problem showing Modify FDE Login interface for SSO logins
  • Fixed problem with user deactivation after Enterprise Server upgrade
  • Fixed problems occurring with some commands sent to users with multiple licences
  • Fixed problem if tokenstore failed to be loaded at startup
  • Updated some activation email templates
  • FDE password policies now come from user, if it has a related user
  • Added iOS help to manual
  • Added domain field in remote install dialog to remember list
  • Fixed validator display on domain field in remote install dialog


  • DESlock+ Recovery ISO updated to support UEFI on systems that provide a legacy boot option.


  • Fix problem accessing Active Directory settings if invalid characters are saved to the form.
  • Update recovery ISO image (MBR support only)
  • Removed support for IE7 browser.
  • Removed support for stand alone recovery ISO generator as you must now use the recovery ISO generator built into the Enterprise Server


  • Redesigned user interface for new look and feel.
  • New hashing algorithm for organisation login passwords.
  • Fixed two security issues: and
  • Added support for Full Disk Encryption for UEFI systems.
  • Added support for Full Disk Encryption SafeStart.
  • Added support for initial and subsequent encryption/decryption of individual partitions.
  • Added support for licensing the DESlock+ iOS app.
  • Updated HTML and plain-text email templates (including English, Polish, Dutch, Japanese, German, French and Spanish).
  • Default email templates can be customized.
  • New custom email templates can be created and localised to any language.
  • Users can now have more than one licence, one each from each different licence.
  • Updated activation code generation interface, which includes new licence expiry information.
  • Additional licences can be revoked independently, without requiring the user be deleted.
  • SSL auto configuration for Apache preinstall installations.
  • Initiate FDE, Adopt FDE and Add FDE Login now all require a licence with a Professional feature set.
  • Add user now has additional email validation checks.
  • Added ability to generate recovery ISO image directly from Enterprise Server.
  • Fixed issue where Enterprise Server would become unresponsive to new login attempts until a restart.
  • Fixed problem when installing the Enterprise Server, if you are using an internet proxy and you enter these details in the setup wizard.
  • Fixed issue not sending an email when modifying an FDE login.
  • Multi-user licence licence available value now decrements correctly when users are licensed.
  • Enterprise Server control panel pages have improved detection idle logout detection.
  • Added block to login page if IE6 is detected so you cannot use the Enterprise Server.
  • If email is configured, the default checkbox state is disabled for the domain
  • New downloaded workstation report for technical support analysis.
  • Password validation now decrements the bad password count on error.
  • Many bug fixes


  • Started DESlock+ Enterprise Server service during the setup wizard for the Console service.


  • Improved support for SSL and TLS SMTP configurations.
  • Improved active directory user import options.
  • Improved interface for remote push install when specifying domain name.
  • Downloading merged install from the Enterprise Server strips MSI product key and digital signature.
  • Improved setup process when using a local proxy install.
  • Fixed some group policy and workstation policy checksum calculation issues.
  • Fixed some typographical errors.
  • Minor performance improvements.


  • Includes v4.6.4 clients.


  • Includes v4.5.7 clients.


  • Added some additional policies, including Auto Update policy.
  • Added support to mask certain fields as password fields, in Enterprise Server error messages.
  • Added SMTP log to SMTP test button in control panel for debugging.
  • Added HTTP test button to control panel.
  • Added HTTP log to HTTP test button in control panel for debugging.
  • Added internet communication retries ability.
  • Added ability to identify trial type licences.
  • Added support end and maintenance end dates to licence display within Enterprise Server.
  • Further improved SMTP error codes.
  • Improved add user interface to report failure reason for individual addresses.
  • Improved add licence and resync licence functions.
  • Improved messages displayed when attempting to delete users and workstations.
  • Fixed some issues relating to the use of a managed install uninstall password.
  • Fixed update licence task where it could fail to report certain failure cases.
  • Fixed problem when using the FDE recovery tool when workstation was using a foreign language or had foreign language software installed.
  • Fixed ability to complete setup wizard if using a local proxy install.
  • Fixed problem where adoption command could crash the Enterprise Server Service.
  • Fixed problem workstation policy string checksum calculations.


  • Resolved problem downloading policy file on systems not using Windows 1252 character set
  • Resolved problem manually downloading merged policy MSI install


  • Added ability to push DESlock+ client PC to multiple workstations at a time


  • Updated built-in manual with new remote push install dialog


  • Modified push install user interface to simplify input required from user
  • Modified push install error messages to resolve some ambiguity in failure cases
  • Modified error handling from SMTP functions to avoid some ambiguity in failure cases
  • Updated some network rescan error messages
  • Modified javascript loading to include versioning and avoid issues encountered after upgrading to a new version
  • Modified DESlock+ Enterprise Server install so it cannot be installed over a DESlock+ Client version


  • Initial setup wizard now only requires DESlock+ Proxy ID for much easier installation.
  • Network "push install" functionality for deploying DESlock+ client software to PCs on the local network.
  • Dynamic workstation policy updates so workstations can have policy remotely configured.
  • Single sign-on options for Full Disk Encryption logins.
  • Modified user interface to separate workstations and users.
  • Workstation policy (for workstations) and Group policy (for users) has a consistent operation, and a consistent interface, across the two types of interface branches.
  • New branch nodes appear under "Workstations" for "Unknown Policy" and "Network Workstations".
  • Vouchers are now referred to as Licences
  • Ability to create different policy file formats for 4.5.0 or later clients, and earlier versions.
  • Creating merged installs is now much faster.
  • Refreshing list of DESlock+ client installs is now much faster.
  • Encryption Key issue function from Enterprise Server keystone.
  • Workstations should move automatically between policy teams, if policy is changed via a downloaded policy file.
  • Added support for different language versions of the DESlock+ client software.


  • Fixed problem where domain users with an apostrophe could be incorrectly identified as already existing in the ES during sync